First-time and experienced sailors are welcome at Sail To Prevail. Our program is available to all people with disabilities and has programs designed to meet specific needs. The Sail To Prevail docks are located at Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Rhode Island, and parking is onsite. All docks and facilities are 100% accessible, including Hoyer and Spectrum lifts for transfers.

Our sailing instructors have years of experience, including teaching and coaching sailors with disabilities. We provide all required safety equipment, and our instructors accompany every group on the water.

The Sail To Prevail fleet in Newport includes five 20-foot “Independence” sailboats, which were custom designed and built so that even the most disabled sailor can handle the boat. Each “Independence” contains two swiveling supported seats for those in wheelchairs. Families, friends and doctors are encouraged to join, as our boats can accommodate up to five participants and one instructor.

Registration and Fee

Sailing in our 20-foot “Independence” fleet is available from mid-June to mid-August on weekdays at 10:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m., as well as weekends by appointment. Safety equipment is provided and the limit is 5 total participants per boat. The fee is $70 per boat, for up to 5 people. Reservations are made for two hours of lessons or recreational sailing, and advanced instruction and coaching are available upon request. Need-based scholarships are available, and more information can be on our registration page.

  • We have clients that are diagnosed with Down syndrome, and sailing does lots to relax them. It helps them focus on quality of life

    Joni Lonczak (LaPlante Center)
  • Sailing we know they like – it puts smiles on their faces. We notice how much it makes them relax for days and weeks after. It helps the staff coordinate with each other and with the clients. Everyone benefited.

    Penny Merris, Director of Day Services (West Bay)
  • It is like nothing else they have experienced, and it really does have a long term effect on them. It makes them more positive and excited for life.

    Penny Merris, Director of Day Services, West Bay
  • Working for Sail To Prevail was a life-changing experience for which I will be forever grateful.

    Coral Hines (former Sailing Instructor)
  • Hope we get to do this again next year - students absolutely love it!!

    Bonnie M. Eddy, Administrative Assistant, Cornerstone School
  • I echo Kim's thoughts in regards to Sail To Prevail's program here on Nantucket. Many of our local families have benefited tremendously from your program and have had nothing but positive things to say! STP certainly fulfills a passion of both Kim and I - that children/adults with disabilities have access to one of Nantucket's greatest resources - the waterfront and ocean!

    Tina Steadman, Nantucket S.T.A.R. Program
  • As in the past, our students truly love sailing with you. Although we do have other summer activities, sailing is by far our students' favorite. Without Sail To Prevail, they would never experience the thrill of sailing….We are so very grateful to Sail To Prevail for … the experience of a lifetime for our students.

    Bonnie M. Eddy, Administrative Assistant, Cornerstone School
  • I would really like to compliment you and the staff for the extraordinary sailing program you did this summer to benefit Veterans. The weather perfect, the setting in Newport the best, the equipment well prepared, and the staff on deck. A day to remember. The staff was particularly good and professional in dealing with the veterans and their particular disabilities. The total experience was enjoyable and refreshing. What could be better? These programs enhance the quality of life for each individual and provide experiences that will never be forgotten. Thanks to you the staff at Sail to Prevail: this work does not go unnoticed and is truly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

    Richard Early President and Service Officer, Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 116
  • For the times we went sailing this year, The LaPlante Center clients had a terrific time! Being in Wakefield, we are close to the ocean and Sail To Prevail gives our clients access to the ocean just down the road. Without you, they would not have another opportunity to sail. Thanks again to all of you and we are looking forward to next season!

    Joni Lonczak, La Plante Center
  • Over the past four weeks we had participants signed up for 34 camp sessions. The demographic that we have served include cerebral palsy, spina bifida, scoliosis, hydrocephalus, traumatic brain injury, seizure disorder, right-sided hemiparesis, cortical visual impairment (from TBI), muscular dystrophy, neurofibromatosis and spinal cord tumors, heart transplant recipient, chiari malformation, Charcot Marie Tooth, hereditary spastic paraplegia, and Spastic Diplegia caused by spinal cord injury.

    Sarah Kirwin, Director, Sail To Prevail, Confidence is Cool Camp
  • What struck me the most was that the kids were actually sailing. What a wonderful and engaging activity for youth and adults alike! I didn't realize how successful it could be to promote self esteem and confidence.

    Sue Donovan, Barrington Circle of Friends
  • Patty, Thank you and Sail To Prevail for this weekend. It is amazing how generous you all are - some we saw and some who were behind the scenes. I was thinking about your dock which gives us a window onto a world which we would otherwise never see, and of your willingness to get Bob and all the others out in the boats and onto the water for a good sail. And thank God for the absolutely perfect weather both Saturday and Sunday. Thank you all, also, for the lovely dinner Saturday night. I was sitting at the end of the old people and next to the young people, and it was fun to observe the difference in conversations. It took me back to a very long time ago, and the excitement and promise of shining youth. It was very nice to meet you and talk with you, and also Chad on Sunday. Thank you and thank God for His goodness,

    Lynn and Bob (Air Force Veteran)
  • The sailing program is the highlight of the summer for our families. We are so fortunate! Thank you so much!

    Kim Horyn, Director Max and his Dad, Nantucket Autism Speaks Resource Center
  • All our residents had a phenomenal time sailing. It brought back many happy memories from the past of sailing excursions with their families. And for one, it was his first time ever! (age 82!!). I hope we can do it again next year!

    Judy (Harbor Hill) Program Directors and Staff
  • The kids and staff once again had a wonderful summer sailing with your staff! Our clients are individuals with development, physical and verbal disabilities. They find sailing the best part of the summer and an activity they are proud to tell friends and family they were able to go do but also to participate in. From helping steer the boat, pull lines, and grind winches. All of the activities are beneficial therapy for the body and mind! Thanks again for the opportunity to sail, and we look forward to sailing again next summer.

    Deb Christensen, Aquidneck Island Day Camp
  • Thank you to all involved in making the weekend such a wonderful weekend.

    Elinor (wife of John, Army Veteran)
  • Sailing is a great combination of skills. It also takes clients out of their daily routine and allows them to experience new challenges, like using the mainsheet or the tiller. Something different from everyday life at our Center.

    Kathy McCauley (Maher Center)
  • Over the past summer, I've seen the students at Cornerstone school flourish when attending the Sail To Prevail program! The students at Cornerstone are often times unable to participate in activities afforded to a typical student but Sail To Prevail has done an amazing job of adapting their sailboats and equipment to allow our students to have the same experience! The staff have done a exceptional job making our students feel welcome and accepted, often times teaching the student to steer and take control of the sailboat! From week to week, the students continuously looked forward to taking the trip down to Newport. Sailing with Sail To Prevail has become a featured highlight of Cornerstone Schools summer schedule!

    Lauren Windsor, Cornerstone Schools
  • We took a total of six boats of people from the MS Dream Center RI sailing this summer … Most had not sailed before and a few had sailed for the first time last year with our MS group with Sail to Prevail and enthusiastically returned this year. Without a doubt, they all loved it ... As with MS, there were all levels of disability, from people who look like they have no impairment to paraplegics. It was amazing to see those who really got into handling either the tiller or sails. They all felt empowered and "normal" having the outdoor experience in Newport Harbor. For the group who went in June, they were excited to be amongst the America's Cup trial boats as well as some of the big ocean liner cruisers.

    Elinor Thompson, MS Dream Center RI
  • Thank you for all your help and efforts in making this summer a success with my fieldwork requirement. I have loved every minute of my time at Sail To Prevail, and I hope to make it possible with my schedule to return next summer!

    Abbey (Sailing Instructor) Sail To Prevail Staff
  • …everyone wants to go sailing! … we work hard to make it possible for everyone to go. We can not wait for next year already!

    Elaine Scott ARC of Blackstone Valley
  • "Even people that do not swim get over their fear of the water and relax. Thanks for the experience!”

    Pattie (Spurwink RI) Program Directors and Staff
  • Wonder weekend!!! Maria and I would like to thank all of you guys at Sail to Prevail for such an absolutely SPLENDID TIME sailing. Please send our kudos to the entire crew!!!

    Raymond (Air Force Veteran)
  • Honestly, the sailing program is the highlight and continues to be a favorite activity for all of our year-round and visiting families! I have nothing but positive feedback for you. We get terrific feedback on not only the fun time but also how terrific James and Michael are, and we can’t thank you all enough for all you do… all rave about how kind and understanding you are with their kids. Thank you!

    Kim Horyn, Director Nantucket Autism Speaks Resource Center
  • The staff is always courteous and professional. It makes the whole experience easy and pleasurable. Everyone knows Sail To Prevail as being a first-class operation.

    Elaine Scott (ARC of Blackstone Valley)
  • Thank you again for offering this fantastic program for our local families as well as our visitors. STP has already made such an impact in the families we serve lives and they are very excited about getting out on the water again. I know that Kim and I are thrilled to have families with disabilities/special needs be able to access one of Nantucket's best treasures - the sea! It has been a great summer with STP!!!!

    Tina Steadman, Director of Programming & Operation, Nantucket S.T.A.R.
  • David, I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing event yesterday. The feedback is still coming in and it's all positive. Looking forward to discussing the volunteering opportunities which could take place later in the year between Sail To Prevail and Bank of America.

    Robert Wilson Bank of America, Belle Haven Challenge Cup
  • Most people from our group have never sailed before. Everyone absolutely loved it, and many say it is a high point of their summer. The young people you have working there are exceptional in making everyone feel comfortable sailing, whatever their level of ability.

    Elinor (Director, MS Dream Center) Program Directors and Staff
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