Newport, RI  Founded in 1982, Sail To Prevail was the first sailing program for individuals with disabilities in the United States.

Cambridge, MA Since 2013, Sail To Prevail has partnered with the Harvard Varsity Sailing Team to provide sailing experiences on the Charles River.

Sail To Prevail is a nonprofit that improves the lives of more than 1,000 children and adults, each summer, through sailing in our fleet of specially adapted, 20-foot sailboats. Our programs encourage individuals with disabilities to be active participants in the sailing experience. They steer the boat, grind the winches, and trim the sails. The measurable outcomes demonstrate increased self-confidence and leadership skills.


Our boats accommodate up to five participants and one instructor, making the program inclusive. We encourage family, friends, medical assistants, and doctors to come aboard to experience the joy of sailing. This mission and the success in this community is increased over the years through “collaboration.” If you feel that your organization would like to join our collaborating partners or dozens of aligned agencies, please contact us at paulcallahan@sailtoprevail.org

Sail To Prevail is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Since its inception, tens of thousands of children and adults have improved their lives through therapeutic sailing that focuses on mind, body and spirit. Scholarships are available through the generosity of Sail To Prevail’s contributors, and we are grateful to everyone who supports our mission. Please consider joining our efforts to help our participants PREVAIL!

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  • Wonder weekend!!! Maria and I would like to thank all of you guys at Sail to Prevail for such an absolutely SPLENDID TIME sailing. Please send our kudos to the entire crew!!!

    Raymond (Air Force Veteran)
  • I would really like to compliment you and the staff for the extraordinary sailing program you did this summer to benefit Veterans. The weather perfect, the setting in Newport the best, the equipment well prepared, and the staff on deck. A day to remember. The staff was particularly good and professional in dealing with the veterans and their particular disabilities. The total experience was enjoyable and refreshing. What could be better? These programs enhance the quality of life for each individual and provide experiences that will never be forgotten. Thanks to you the staff at Sail to Prevail: this work does not go unnoticed and is truly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

    Richard Early President and Service Officer, Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 116
  • Patty, Thank you and Sail To Prevail for this weekend. It is amazing how generous you all are - some we saw and some who were behind the scenes. I was thinking about your dock which gives us a window onto a world which we would otherwise never see, and of your willingness to get Bob and all the others out in the boats and onto the water for a good sail. And thank God for the absolutely perfect weather both Saturday and Sunday. Thank you all, also, for the lovely dinner Saturday night. I was sitting at the end of the old people and next to the young people, and it was fun to observe the difference in conversations. It took me back to a very long time ago, and the excitement and promise of shining youth. It was very nice to meet you and talk with you, and also Chad on Sunday. Thank you and thank God for His goodness,

    Lynn and Bob (Air Force Veteran)
  • Thank you to all involved in making the weekend such a wonderful weekend.

    Elinor (wife of John, Army Veteran)
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