Physical Disabilities

When needed, participants board our boats using a transfer lift and are safely secured into specially designed pivoting seats, which allow them the freedom of movement to sail the boat. Some of the disabilities include paraplegia/quadriplegia, amputation, stroke, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, deafness, or blindness.


In the “Sail Away from Cancer” program, pediatric cancer patients sail with resident doctors and family members to create a unique “out of hospital” experience.

Life-Threatening Medical Conditions

Sail To Prevail commends the mission of Make-A-Wish® to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. We can assist in granting a sailing wish to every medically eligible child.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sail To Prevail offers special programing for veterans with disabilities, including PTSD, and their families.


Often referred to as seizure disorder, this medical condition affects more than 3.4 million individuals in the U.S., and Sail To Prevail offers group sessions with Epilepsy Foundation New England.

Intellectual Disabilities

Sail To Prevail instructors are trained to work with individuals with autism, ADD/ADHD, Asperger syndrome, Down syndrome and cognitive impairment caused by multiple sclerosis and other diseases.

Emotional Disabilities

Dedicated to those individuals who are experiencing emotional trauma in their lives, our methodology seeks to enhance the positive aspects derived from participating in the soothing and comforting environment of sailing.

Temporary Injuries
People who have experienced recent injuries/accidents do not need to be “sidelined” from sports all summer. Patients with broken limbs or injured joints will find joy and “rehab” through adaptive sailing.

Participants Utilizing Family For Support

A traumatic injury or a disability known from birth can drastically change the idea of what life will be like, either after retirement, or while enjoying time with your children and family. Sail To Prevail uses our ability to put anyone in a boat to achieve those unforgettable family moments by providing an activity that everyone can enjoy together.


A Family Affair

“For the past two summers I have had the pleasure of participating in the Sail To Prevail Program. My name is Maura Krueger, and I run the Partnership Program at the Oak Square YMCA in Brighton, MA.  Our Program’s mission is to help any member with a disability that interferes with their ability to independently complete a fitness program.  Our participants represent persons with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke recovery, developmental issues, Cerebral palsy as well as other weakened conditions.

The first time we sailed out of the Harvard boathouse onto the Charles River, one of the participants, who has been aggressively battling the effects of a stroke, commented within the first ten minutes that, “This is the most relaxed I have been in five years.”  Wow!  What a success.  Since that first experience, I have had the opportunity to take others for a sail on the Sail To Prevail boat.  All have expressed that the experience was wonderful, relaxing, exciting and much needed amongst their daily routine of doctor visits, physical therapy appointments and medication side effects.

I believe the Sail To Prevail program will continue to be an asset to our Partnership Program at the Oak Square Y.  My vision is to give families the opportunity to experience a relaxing activity together.  A disability affects more than the immediate person.  The daily stresses filter to the entire family.  We must also consider the lifestyle change when one spouse is affected by a disability, changing the “dreams of retirement.”  If, through Sail To Prevail, I can give my members a day of an activity they thought was long gone – success again! Thank you, Sail To Prevail.”

Maura Krueger
Partnership Program
Oak Square YMCA
Brighton, MA 02135

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