SHAKE-A-LEG and JOURNEY FORWARD to Collaborate on Disabled Programs

SHAKE-A-LEG (Newport, RI) and JOURNEY FORWARD (Canton, MA) announced today that they are entering a collaborative effort to increase programming to the disabled population.

Under the agreement, SHAKE-A-LEG’s effective Whole Life Therapy program will no longer be operated by SHAKE-A-LEG, but will attempt to be integrated into the extremely popular JOURNEY FORWARD rehabilitation program in Canton, MA. Equally, participants from JOURNEY FORWARD will be offered unique sailing opportunities in Newport by SHAKE-A-LEG’s world famous sailing program, adding another dimension to JOURNEY FORWARD.

While SHAKE-A-LEG and JOURNEY FORWARD underscore the fact that they will remain independent organizations, both organizations believe that by combining and sharing their efforts in their respective specialties, that all disabled people in northeastern United States and across the country would be more fully served.

For further information, please contact CEO Paul Callahan at SHAKE-A-LEG or Brett Fechter, VP of Operations at JOURNEY FORWARD.

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